St. Patrick's Church Baptisms

These baptisms have been transcribed from the Baptismal Journals for St. Patrick's Church in St. Louis, Missouri.  Not all of the individuals have proven blood connections to the family of Nora Toohey and James Hanney.  Further research will be required to prove or disprove the family connection.  

Date of Baptism Date of Birth Child Last_Name Child First_Name Father's_Name Mother's_Name Sponsor Sponsor Notes
03/12/1855 03/05/1855 Cleary Bridget Cornelius Cleary Catherine Hickey      
09/21/1856 09/09/1856 Cleary Mary Cornelius Cleary Catherine Hickey John Curran Bridget Breehan  
06/17/1858 06/11/1858 Cleary Michael Cornelius Cleary Catherine Hickey Martin Walsh Mary Burke  
10/30/1859 10/20/1859 Cleary Catherine Cornelius Cleary Catherine Hickey Matthew Londrigan Katherine Londrigan  
12/06/1860 11/13/1860 Cleary William Cornelius Cleary Catherine Hickey      
05/04/1862 04/25/1862 Haney Mary Ann Michael Haney Catherine Barrett James Gallagher Mary O'Dea  
04/30/1863 04/30/1863 Burke Catherine Miles Burke Bridget Ball John Burke Julia Burke  
02/03/1864 02/01/1864 Lynch James John Lynch Elizabeth ?? Charles McCorimih Elizabeth Leonard  
06/18/1865 06/17/1865 Ryan Margaret James Ryan Margaret Stapleton Michael Donlon Jane Donlon  
09/23/1865 08/25/1865 Tuey Mary Teresa Patrick Tuey Annie O'Neil Martin Duddy Margaret Duddy  
02/04/1866   Haney Francis Joseph Michael Haney Catherine Barrett Thomas Ann Holy Healy  
12/15/1867 09/11/1867 Lynch Julia Ann John Lynch Elizabeth Egan      
01/12/1868 01/08/1868 Stapleton Johanna James Stapleton Johanna Egan Denis Hunt Elizabeth Egan  
12/19/1869   Lynch Elizabeth John Lynch Elizabeth Egan Michael Byron Honoran Egan  
08/21/1870 08/17/1870 Stapleton James Michael James Stapleton Johanna Egan      
01/21/1872 12/25/1871 Nolan William James David Nolan Mary Cummings      
02/02/1872 01/27/1872 Nolan William  Michael Nolan Margaret Maher      
05/21/1873 05/18/1873 Stapleton Will James Stapleton Johanna Egan John Egan Elizabeth  
06/08/1873 05/15/1873 Nolan Margaret Elizabeth Michael Nolan Ellen Cunningham James Dacey Elizabeth Dacey  
02/01/1874 01/21/1874 Burgess Philip Philip Burgess Ann Egan      
07/29/1875 07/25/1875 Stapleton John James Stapleton Johanna Egan Ferdinand Murphy Margaret Rooney  
09/??/1875 08/29/1875 Haney Thomas Michael Haney Catherine Barrett Terence McWilliams Sarah McWilliams  
11/18/1877 11/14/1877 Stapleton Mary Elizabeth James Stapleton Johanna Egan Stephen Toohey Honora Toohey  
03/02/1878 02/15/1878 Toohey Michael Michael Toohey Julia Collity John Corbett Maggie Birmingham  
11/17/1878 05/07/1878 Burke Catherine John Burke Emma Davis Cecilia Harper    
08/31/1879 08/18/1879 Stapleton Margaret  James Stapleton Johanna Egan Jerimiah Castigan Ellen Toohey Married to James Mehling Mealing 07/11/1936
05/30/1880 05/??/1880 Toohey Julia Agnes Michael Toohey Julia Collity John Byrne Anne Healy  
10/17/1880 10/06/1880 Toohey Mary Margaret John Toohey Mary Anne Ryan Peter Conoly Mary Beaus  
03/05/1882 02/14/1882 Cleary Cornelius Valentine Michael Cleary Elizabeth Burgess Daniel Donahue Norah Toohey  
09/01/1882   O'Brien Michael Joseph Michael Joseph O'Brien Mary Lynch John Curran  Agnes R not ours
08/30/1885 08/01/1885 Cleary Mary Anne Michael Cleary Elizabeth Burgess Christopher Burgess Catherine Landrigan  
09/19/1886 09/09/1886 O'Brien Edna Isabelle Michael Joseph O'Brien Mary Agnes Lynch William Smith Mammie K not ours
01/02/1888 01/29/1888 Cleary Gerard Bernard Allen Michael Cleary Elizabeth Burgess Philip Burgess Ellen Smith  
12/29/1889 12/20/1889 Cleary Catherine Michael Cleary Elizabeth Burgess Cornelius Murphy Isabella Masterson  
05/24/1891 05/21/1891 Cleary Mary Elizabeth Michael Cleary Elizabeth Burgess John Gavin Rosanna Smith  
2-Dec-1900 4-Nov-1900 Cleary Elizabeth Florence Michael Cleary Elizabeth Burgess James Hanney Anastasie Dowling