1446 Collins Street  This is the location of the family home of Stephen and Ellen Toohey recorded in the 1880 census for St. Louis, Missouri.  Living in the home at the time was Stephen & Ellen Toohey, their daughter, Nora and a boarder James Hanney.
2917 North 13th Street is the home of James Hanney, wife Kate, and children Leo, Loretta and Regina.  This is the family home recorded in the 1910 census for St. Louis, Missouri.
4647 Natural Bridge Road is the location of the Hanney home in 1920.  Living there are James Hanney and his wife Kate. 
Visitation Parish Church, Evans Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri

All of the Hanney children, except Ellen, were baptized here.

Entrance to Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.
Nora Hanney's unmarked grave in Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.  Nora died January 1904.
Unmarked grave of James Hanney and his 2nd wife Kate.  James died in 1938 and Kate died in 1956.