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Hanney Baptisms


St. Patrick Parish Records 1880 – 1922, FHL Roll 1872017, Item 3

Page 99

On the 4th Nov. I baptized Ellen born on 25th Oct (1883) @ Jas. Hanny and Norah Twohey – his wife.

Spons. Otto Farderer

            Mary O’Neill                                                  R J Hayes



Visitation Parish Records, # 1-B 2/1882 – 6/1895 FHL Roll 1871464, Item 5 & 6

Page 38

On this the 4th of July 1886 I have baptized James Touhy (born 18th June 1886) son of James Hanney and Eanor Touhy.

Sponsors:    Frank Krewet

                     Mary Touhey                                             Edw Fenlon, pastor


Page 74

On this the 2nd of December 1888 I have baptized Clement Stephen (born Nov. 23 1888) son of James Hanney and Norah Touhy.

Sponsors:     Michael O’Brien

                    Kate Burke                                                   Edward Fenlon, pastor


Page 130

On this the 28th of June 1891 I have baptized John Francis (born 15 inst.) son of James Hanney and Nora Toohey.

Sponsors:    William Nolan

                    Maggie Nolan                                             Edward Fenlon, pastor


Page 196

On this the 10th of Sept. 1893 I have baptized Louis Joseph (born August 25th 1893) son of James Hanney and Honora Toohey.

Sponsors:    Phil Burgess

                    Julia Lynch                                             Edward Fenlon, pastor



Visitation Parish Records, # 2-B 6/1895 – 4/1902 FHL Roll 1871464, Item 5 & 6

Page 47

On the 28 of June 1896 I baptized Leo Aloysius Hanney son of James & Hanora Tuohey: born June 12 -96-.

Sponsors:    Valentine Cleary

                        Johanna Esther McCann

1700 Newstead                                                                     W. L. Shea, Asst. P.


Page 129

On this the 15th January 1899 I have baptized Loretto (born 30th Dec _98) daughter of James Hanney & Norah Toohey.

Sponsors:    Michael J. Cleary

                        Elizabeth Cleary                                     Maurice O’Fla___, Assistant

Note Added: marriage civil validated, November 15, 1931


Page 181

On this 8 September 1901 I baptized Regina Margaret born 20 Aug. 1901 of James Hanney and Norah Tuohy.

Sponsors: John Stapelton and Margaret Stapelton

E. J. Dempsey, Rector