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Updates 2014

1915 Newspaper Article about Clem Hanney's Escape from jail.

On November 29, 1915 Clem Hanney completed his second prison term at Leavenworth Penitentiary. He was turned over to U.S. Marshalls to be prosecuted for other post office burglaries committed prior to his second prison sentence. The newspaper article helps explain what happened to Clem Hanney after his second Leavenworth confinement, and before he enlisted in the U. S. Navy as William Brady.

1915 Newspaper Article #2 about Clem Hanney's Escape from jail.

1915 Leavenworth Penitentiary Letters

Clem Hanney's Leavenworth Penitentiary file contains a series of letters from 1915.  The U. S. Attorney's Office had obtained an indictment for Clem Hanney for post office burglaries committed between his first and second prison terms.  The U. S. Attorney's Office assigned a U. S. Marshall to apprehend Clem Hanney upon his release from Leavenworth on 29 November 1915.  Apparently, Clem Hanney did not stay in custody for very long, as he escaped from a county jail on 3 December 1915.  See the above 1915 newspaper article relating the story of Clem Hanney's escape. 

Roy F Hanney 2013 Obituary

Roy F Hanney was the son of James Hanney and Laura Anne Parker. He was also the nephew of Clement Hanney, our William Aloysius Brady.  As such, Roy was a first cousin to my mother and her siblings.  Roy and his siblings were cousins my mother, my aunts and uncles never knew existed.  Obituary Notice.