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William Brady Marriage Record

Marriage Record

Book Oct. 8, 1863 to Nov. 16, 1921

St. Matthew Parish

Conshohocken, Penna.


Page 232 - January 28, 1920

Conjuncti in matrismonium bannis missis

Gulielmum A. Brady fil Jocobi Brady et Nora Toohey atque

Mariam E. Kehoe fil Joannio Kehoe et Margaritae Blanche.

Testes Andrew Monahan et Maria Blanche

Josephous M. Smith per Jacobus P. Parker




Joined in matrimony, banns announced

William A. Brady of James Brady and Nora Toohey, further

Mary E. Kehoe of John Kehoe and Margaret Blanche.

Witness Andrew Monahan and Mary Blanche

Joseph M. Smith for James P. Parker

Rev. Joseph Smith perform the marriage ceremony,

James P. Parker was the Pastor for St. Matthew Parish in 1920.