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1853 Egan Ship List

Passenger List

John & Ellen Egan Family

During the Irish Famine years of the 1840's many Irish left Ireland to look for jobs in England.  Ships leaving Ireland were often bound for the port of Liverpool.  There may have been jobs available in Liverpool and nearby Manchester.  The area is known for mining and manufacturing mills, especially wool.  For some Liverpool was their destination, for others Liverpool was only a temporary stop until they could make a final passage to America.

The ships leaving Liverpool in the 1850's bound for the United States sailed almost daily and year round.  Some ships made as many as four passages during the year. The ships leaving Liverpool were headed to the major port cities of the United States; Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Orleans. Upon their arrival in these port cities many immigrants decided to stay put, for others their destination was elsewhere.  If the final destination was St. Louis, Missouri or other parts of the mid-western United States many Irish immigrants sailed to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Once they arrived in New Orleans they sailed up the Mississippi River on barges and steamboats.

Honora Egan must have taken the Liverpool - New Orleans - St. Louis route.  Honora Egan married Michael Byron about 1853/1854.  Census records indicate their first child, James, was born in 1855.  The census records also show that James Byron was born in Louisiana.  A second son, John, was born 29 September 1856 and baptized 5 October 1856 in the St. Louis Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri.

I have found what I believe is the Ship's Passenger List showing the arrival in the United States of part of the family of John Egan and Ellen Egan (nee Ryan).  The ship Saxon sailed from Liverpool, England and arrived 14 November 1853 in the port of New Orleans, Louisiana.  On board were 278 souls from Ireland, Scotland, France and Denmark.  Their destinations in the United States included the mid-western states of Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and Iowa.  I imagine most of the immigrants were of modest means  showing occupations that included farmer, seamstress, chamber maid, wash woman and laborer.  A few claimed to have a profession; black smith, mechanic, tooth extractor and carpenter.

I believe there was not a great deal of care taken while recording the details of each passenger making the voyage.  For the Egan family there are many inaccuracies recorded and some information is both confusing and suspicious.  But, all the individuals making this voyage have been trace to St. Louis, Missouri and have been identified as being members of the same family.  I believe this is our John Egan - Ellen Ryan family.

Names Age Sex Occupations Country to which they belong Country of which they intend to become Inhabitants
John Egan 50 Male farmer Ireland Ohio
Ellen    " 46 Female No " Missouri
Mary    " 23 " " " Illinois
Johanna   " 19 " " " Mississippi
Eliza     " 13 " " " "
Anne    " 13 " " " "

Ship's Passenger List, ship Saxon, Liverpool England to New Orleans Louisiana United States, 14 November 1853 - Egan's appear on Page 1

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