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Updates 2008

January 11, 2008

Marriage Registration for Michael Hanney & Catherine Barrett (1855)

Birth Registration for John Hanney (1856)


January 21, 2008

Mary Egan

A page by page search of the church records from the St. Louis Cathedral (Old Cathedral) has turned up some additional family records.  Of particular note is a marriage record for a Mary Egan and Thomas Brennan.  Until I found this record there had never before been an indication of another Egan sister.  The bride's parents are named as John Egan and Ellen Ryan.  The witnesses include Ann Egan and Elisa Egan.  Another witness is a Michael Egan who may turn out to be a brother to the Egan daughters.  St. Louis Cathedral Marriage Record.


Additional records from the St. Louis Cathedral:

John Byron baptism 5 October 1856

Elizabeth Burgess baptism 16 December 1860

John Burgess baptism 26 August 1866


John Lynch - Elizabeth (Lizzie) Egan

John Lynch married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Egan in St. Patrick's Church on June 12, 1864 according to church records.

1870 Census Records for St. Louis, Missouri

The census records show Eliza. Lynch age 30, Mollie age 5, Lizzie age 6 months, Julia age 2 and John age 40.  The census page appears to show a large dwelling with many families listed at the same dwelling.  The dwelling was enumerated on June 28, 1870.


In the census records it is unusual to list the wife of the family on the first line and to list the husband on the last line of the family group.  I believe this was done, in this instance, because John Lynch had recently died.  In the burial records for the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis there is a John Lynch buried on June 8, 1870.  In the same gravesite are others who may be related to the Egan - Lynch families.  The names include Agan (Egan), Burgess and Costigan.  On the 1870 census page are shown other families who may be related to the Egan - Lynch families.  The names include Honora (Egan) Byron, and the Costigan family.  The names from the burial site and the names from the census page appear in the church records as marital and baptismal sponsors for descendents of John Egan and Ellen Ryan.


There is an entry in the City Death Register that closely matches the John Lynch buried June 8, 1870 in Calvary Cemetery.  The address given in the Death Register is Levee & Cherry.  In the 1870's Cherry Street ran from the Mississippi River to Broadway and intersected Collins Street.  This was definitely the area where the Egan families lived.


1873 City Directory for St. Louis, Missouri

The 1873 city directory for St. Louis, Missouri shows an entry for Eliza Lynch, widow of John, residing at 1216 Collins Street.  The descendent families of John Egan and Ellen Ryan lived in the vicinity of Collins Street, Florida Street and Ashley Street.


1874 City Directory for St. Louis, Missouri

The 1874 city directory shows an entry for John Egan (Egan and Wulf), residing at 1444 Collins Street.  Another entry shows Egan & Wulf (John Egan and John H. Wulf), grocers, 1238 Broadway.  John Egan is probably the father or brother of Mary Brennan, Ann Burgess, Honora Byron, Elizabeth Lynch, Johanna Stapleton and Ellen Toohey.


1889 and 1890 City Directory for St. Louis, Missouri

The 1889 and 1890 city directories show an entry for James Stapleton, engineer, residing at 1444 Collins Street.  James Stapleton was the husband of Johanna Egan.


1900 Census Records for St. Louis, Missouri

The 1900 census records for St. Louis, Missouri show Johanna Stapleton, a widow living at 1444 Collins Street.  Living with Johanna Stapleton are some of her children.  Also listed is Lizzie Eagan, sister.  Lizzie's date of birth is given as December 1855 and she is shown to be Single.  If this is Johanna Stapleton (nee Egan)'s sister, Elizabeth Lynch (nee Egan), the date of birth and marital condition are in conflict with other records for Lizzie Egan.


John Egan and family arrive in the United States

Passenger List - 1853