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Updates 2007

January 28, 2007

Two individuals have agreed to participate in a DNA test.  One individual is from the Brady family.  The other individual is a descendent from the St. Louis Hanney family.  If the test results prove a match we can be certain of the Brady – Hanney family connection.  We are hoping for the results of the testing by April 2007.  

March 30, 2007

DNA Test Results Show a Match!

DNA test results have been received for our two Brady and Hanney family descendents.  The test results show the two testing persons matching on 66 of 67 DNA markers.  These matching DNA test results indicate a definite ancestral family connection between the two persons in the male DNA line.  The male DNA is passed from father to son to son. 

From the test results we can exclude the possibility that William Brady’s mother, Nora Toohey had a child William before she married James Hanney.  If that were the case we would not have had a DNA match in the male DNA.  The test results also exclude the possibility that William Brady was a child taken in by the Hanney family.  Again, there would not have been a match in the male DNA results.

These DNA test results lead me to conclude that William Brady was the son of Nora Toohey Hanney and James Hanney.  Since I have accounted for all the sons of Nora and James Hanney, except for Clement, I believe William Aloysius Brady was actually born Clement Stephen Hanney. 

Clement Stephen Hanney was born November 23, 1888.  Sometime prior to the 1910 census he left St. Louis and his family there.  Between the time Clement left St. Louis and April 1918, he made his way to Seattle , Washington and along the way took a new name, William Aloysius Brady.

Family Tree DNA Certificate


June 8, 2007

Leo Aloysius Hanney – Leo was born June 12, 1896 according to the baptismal records from Visitation Parish in St. Louis , Missouri .  He has been found living with his parents, James and Nora Hanney in the 1900 census for St. Louis .  In the 1910 St. Louis census he is living with his father and step – mother, Kate, again in St. Louis .  The World War I draft registration, June 1917, reports Leo Hanney, age 21, living and working in St. Louis .  The 1930 census for Springfield , Illinois shows Leo living with his wife Florence and a son John.  John’s name is reported as John Haney (actually John Balmer) but further research reveals that John is Florence ’s son from a previous marriage.  Leo’s occupation is given as huxter of farm products. 

Leo died November 28, 1957 at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in St. Louis , Missouri .  Leo was survived by his wife, Florence , a son, John Balmer and two grandsons.  He was a member of the Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of World War I.  Leo married Mrs. Florence Balmer on August 9, 1927 and was a resident of Springfield , Illinois for thirty years.  He was involved in the produce business.  A death certificate issued in St. Louis , Missouri reports Leo’s mother’s name as Alice Kieley and father as James Hanney.  This is not the first time I have seen misreporting of a person’s parents or children in these records.  Leo’s body was returned to Springfield , Illinois for burial in the Camp Butler National Cemetery .  As yet, a death certificate for the state of Illinois has not been found. 

Leo’s wife, Florence , died August 18, 1988 in Springfield , Illinois .  She was the daughter of John Garvey and Margaret Murphy, being born in St. Louis , Missouri in 1900. 

It appears that Leo Hanney had no children of his own.

Frank John Hanney – Frank Hanney was born June 15, 1891 according to baptismal records from Visitation Parish in St. Louis , Missouri .  The name in the baptismal records is John Francis.  The 1900 census record list his name as Francis, his World War I draft registration as Frank John and his obituary and death certificate as Frank John.  William Brady (aka Clement Hanney) and sister Loretta Hanney Roberts referred to their brother as Francis. 

The World War I draft registration (June 1917) for Frank John Hanney, born St. Louis, Missouri , gives his address in St. Paul , Minnesota .  He is working as a steeplejack.  No conclusive census records for 1910, 1920 & 1930 have been found for Frank Hanney. 

Frank John Hanney died suddenly in his home in Danville , Illinois on April 23, 1956.  His obituary states that he is retired from the Veteran’s Administration Hospital .  He is survived by his wife Mildred Miflin, whom he married in 1942.  A daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Brown, and three step – children (Heinzman) are also listed in the obituary.  Further research has revealed that Dorothy Brown was not a natural daughter but another Heinzman step – child.  The Illinois death certificate for Frank John Hanney lists his parents and a date of birth that correspond to our Francis Hanney.  The death certificate also states that Frank Hanney had served in the military during World War I. That would make at least three brothers; Clement, Frank & Leo who had served during World War I. 

Mildred Hanney died on February 8, 1976 in Danville , Illinois .  She was the daughter of Leonard Miflin and Harriet Smith, born June 25, 1901 in DuQuoin , Illinois .  1910 1920 and 1930 census records.

There is no evidence I have been able to find that indicates that Frank Hanney had any children of his own.

Loretta Hanney – Loretta Hanney was born December 30, 1898 in St. Louis , Missouri and baptized in the Visitation Parish church.  Loretta appears in the 1900 census living with her father and mother.  In the 1910 census she is living with her father and step – mother (Kate).  I have been unable to locate census records for Loretta from 1920 and 1930. 

The lack of census records has made it difficult to trace Loretta.  However, two marriage records were found that eventually lead to uncovering some of her history.  There is a November 1931 marriage record in the records of Visitation Parish, St. Louis , Missouri .  That record is a validation of a civil marriage for Loretta Hanney and Leonard Roberts.  The civil marriage is reported to have occurred in 1921.  The civil marriage by a Justice of the Peace was actually performed in September 1922.  Neither the marriage application or marriage certificate from the 1922 marriage gives any detail regarding the families of Loretta and Leonard.  However, the 1931 marriage record listed the names of the parents for both the bride and groom.  The bride’s parents are James Hanney and Nora Toohey.  The groom’s parents are Benjamin Roberts and Anna Patton. 

In the 1900 census for Columbus , Ohio in Franklin County there is a record for the family of Benjamin and Anna Roberts.  That record shows the parents and their children, Frankie L., Hattie and Nellie.  There is no record of the family found in the 1910 or 1920 census records but Anna appears in the 1910 census living with her sister’s family.  Anna states she is single so we can suppose she and Benjamin separated or divorced.  There is a Frank Roberts in the 1910 census for St. Louis , Missouri and I believe this is the same Frank L. Roberts, also known as Leonard. 

The World War I draft registration for Frank L. Roberts of St. Louis , Missouri lists a date of birth of March 12, 1885 and the nearest relative as Anna Roberts of Columbus , Ohio .  In the 1931 marriage record the date of birth for Leonard Roberts is given as March 12, 1887.  My experience with the draft registration records has often found conflicting birth years from baptismal and birth records; in some cases making the person older and in other cases making the person appear to be younger.

During World War Two there was a draft registration held to boost moral and known as the “Old Man’s Draft”.  The draft registration was for men born between 1877 and 1897.  No one expected those being registered to be drafted and it was considered symbolic.  This 1942 draft registration produced a draft card for Leonard Frank Roberts living in Columbus , Ohio .  His date of birth is given as March 12, 1887.  The person listed as “Name of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address” is Loretta Roberts of the same address ( 670 Kerr Street ) as Leonard Frank Roberts. 

Loretta Roberts died September 4, 1942 in Columbus , Ohio while living at 670 Kerr Street .  Her obituary lists the following surviving; husband, Leonard; sons Alan, Jack and Thomas; daughter Anna; brothers Leo and Francis Hanney; and step – mother Katie Hanney.  Loretta’s sister, Regina , is not listed among those surviving so it can be assumed she has previously died. Loretta's Ohio Death Certificate lists her father as James Hanney who  was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her mother is listed as Nora Touie.

James Hanney and Nora Toohey had a total of eight children; Ellen, James, Clement, Frank, Louis, Leo, Loretta and Regina .  Of the eight children it appears only three (James, Clement and Loretta) were to have children of their own.


September 2, 2007

St. Louis pictures by Diane Brady Sadler.  Cousin Diane visited different Hanney locations in St. Louis during a trip to the mid-west.  The locations are different home sites, church sites and burial sites.  Click Here.


November 11, 2007

Francis Joseph Haney

Francis Joseph Haney was the fourth child and third son of Michael Haney and Catherine Barrett.  Francis Joseph was baptized February 4, 1866 at St. Patrick Church in St. Louis, Missouri.  See St. Patrick's Church BaptismsSometimes, it was common for a person to be known by their middle name.  Because of that it has always been uncertain whether Francis Joseph was known as Francis, or Joseph or even Frank.  This uncertainty sometimes makes it difficult to find a person in census records, marriage records, obituaries and death certificates.  I believe I have now found the answer to Francis Joseph.

Francis Hanney died August 21, 1867.  The death was recorded in the St. Louis City Death Register for the year 1867.  The register lists his age as 19 months which would place his birth as December 1865 or January 1866 and is consistent with a baptism in February 1866.  The address given for “Locality Where Death Occurred” is Carr between 21st and 22nd.  In the 1867 St. Louis City Directory there is a listing for Michael Haney, blacksmith residing at East side 22nd bet. Wash & Carr.  The cemetery listed in the Death Register is Holy Trinity. 

Holy Trinity cemetery was known by a few different names.  One of the names was “Poor Man’s Cemetery" and they often took burials for those with little means to pay for a burial.  Holy Trinity cemetery was closed after 1897 and most of the burials were removed to Calvary Cemetery .  However, it appears that any records of the burial relocations were never recorded or have been lost.  Also lost are the records from the original burials at Holy Trinity.  Other names for Holy Trinity were New Breman and Mt. Holy Trinity.

John Haney

John Haney was the first child born to Michael Haney and Catherine Barrett.  Various records give his year of birth as 1855 or 1856 or 1857, without consistency.  All of the records found however give his place of birth as England ; his parents always listed their places of birth as Ireland .  Because of this it has always been assumed that Michael Haney and Catherine Barrett married in Ireland or England , John the first child was born in England , the family left for the United States , the second child James was born in Pennsylvania (1858) and finally the family arrived in St. Louis where a daughter, Mary Ann, was born in 1862.  No immigration records have been found to show the arrival in the United States and the family can not be found in the 1860 United States census.  When did they arrive in the United States ?  Why can they not be found in census records for Pennsylvania or Missouri or any states between?  The first census record for the family is in the 1870 census for St. Louis, Missouri, and in that record John is not listed.  John does however appear in the 1880 census with the family.  That’s lot of questions without reasonable answers.

I think now I can answer some of those questions.  In the 1861 census for the United Kingdom there is a listing for John Hanney living with his grandparents, Patrick and Mary Barratt.  The location is Stockport, Heaton Norris, Chesire County , England .  John Hanney, age 6, lives with his grandparents and some aunts & uncles, but no parents are shown.  A quick check of the 1851 census for the United Kingdom for the same location shows the family of Patrick & Mary Barratt and also listed is a daughter, Catherine.  Catherine’s age corresponds to the year of birth believed to be that of Catherine Hanney nee Barrett. 

Further research has produced two records that are conclusive that this is our Hanney & Barrett families.  In the year 1855 there was a marriage registered between Michael Hanney and Catherine Barrett.  The marriage registration was in the town of Stockport , Chesire County , England .  In the year 1856 there was a birth registration for a John Hanney, again in the town of Stockport , Chesire County , England . Copies of the marriage record and the birth record will be posted here once they have been received from the General Register Office, England, United Kingdom . 

Tying all of this together, it would appear that Michael Hanney and Catherine Barratt (Barrett) married on January 27, 1855 in England .  Since the Barratt family was living in England in 1851 and listed their nativity as Ireland they were probably there as a result of the Potato Famine in Ireland of the 1840’s.  Their first child, John, was born on February  16, 1856.  Between the years 1856 and 1858 Michael and Catherine Hanney emigrated to the United States , leaving their first child, John, behind to live with Catherine’s parents.  In September 1858 a second child, James, was born in Pennsylvania .  All records found have always consistently recorded James birthplace as Pennsylvania , one record even indicates the city to be Philadelphia .  In 1862 a third child, Mary Ann, was born in St. Louis , Missouri .  Five other children were born in St. Louis , Missouri in the years 1866, 1868, 1870, 1872 and 1875. See census records and St. Patrick's Church baptismal records.

One question that remains is why did John not appear in the 1870 census for St. Louis with the rest of the family?  It’s possible that he remained in England until a later time.  In the 1871 census for the United Kingdom there is a John Hanney listed in Yorkshire County , England .  This John Hanney is listed as a cousin to the head of household.  Furthermore, there is an inconsistency in the 1880 census for St. Louis , Missouri .  Because of irregularities, the first census taken was rejected by officials and the census had to be repeated in November 1880.  The first census taken in June 1880 shows the Michael & Catherine Hanney family living in St. Louis but John Hanney is not listed.  The second census taken in November 1880 shows the family but this time John is listed among the children of Michael and Catherine.  Is it possible that John had just arrived from England between June and November?  Or is it possible that John was not living with the family in June, but living elsewhere in the St. Louis area? 

As a result of the 1851 & 1861 United Kingdom census records we now know that Catherine Hanney’s (nee Barrett) parents were Patrick and Mary.  We also know she had sisters, Ann and Mary and a brother James. 

Census Records    1900    1910    1920

John Haney Obituary

John Haney Death Certificate

Joseph Haney

Joseph Haney was born in 1872.  He was the seventh child of Michael Haney and Catherine Barrett.  His older brother was named Francis Joseph and because it was common for people to be known by their middle names it has always caused confusion and uncertainty when trying to research Francis Joseph and Joseph.  Were they two individuals or one individual?  Adding to this confusion was the nonchalance when reporting ages and year of birth.

It has now been established that there were two different sons by the fact that a death record for Francis Joseph Hanney has been found.  Francis Joseph was born 1865/1866 and died in August 1867.  He was buried in Holy Trinity cemetery, the “Poor Man’s” cemetery.

Joseph Haney appeared in the 1880 census records with the family of Michael and Catherine Haney.  His age was listed as 7 years which would place his birth in 1872 or 1873.  By the time of the 1900 census Catherine Haney was deceased and Michael was living alone as a widower.  The whereabouts of their children has not been established to satisfaction. 

There is a death certificate for Joseph Haney who died December 20, 1943.  He was buried December 22, 1943 in Calvary Cemetery.  Joseph Haney was buried in the same burial lot as his brother, Thomas Francis Haney, along with Thomas’ first wife Rose.  It would appear that Joseph Haney had little money and family to provide for his burial.  The death certificate lists his residence as “Little Sisters of the Poor” for a period of seven years, four months.  The death certificate also lists his martial status as “Single”.  His father is listed as Michael Haney.  His mother is listed as Catherine Reily.  There appears to be some confusion among the children of Michael Hanney and Catherine Barrett about the maiden name of their mother.  Thomas Francis Haney’s death certificate also lists his mother’s maiden name as Reily.  Other records exist showing Catherine's maiden name as Barrett.

Louis Joseph Hanney    b. Aug. 25, 1893    d. Nov. 28, 1895

   see Register of Deaths in the City of St. Louis

Thomas Francis Haney    b. Aug. 29, 1875    d. Jan. 1, 1919

The baptismal records for St. Patrick's Church  in St. Louis, Missouri show Thomas' date of birth as August 29, 1875.  Thomas first married Rose Carrico who died March 25, 1913.  Thomas and Rose had a son, Joseph Francis Haney, born in 1905.  After the death of Rose, Thomas remarried to a woman by the name of Bertha.

Thomas    Obituary    Death Certificate

Rose          Obituary    Death Certificate